Stump Removal

Stump removal services are designed to help you get rid of the remaining portion of the tree trunk from your backyard in the most effective way. Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service offers you comprehensive tree services that include stump removal and stump grinding. We will work as per your needs and make sure that the aesthetics of your home is improved. Our professionals take care of the job following the best industry standards that will also benefit the health of the other plants in your yard.

We use high-end tools for tree stump removal and stump grinding, which allows us to ensure the maximum safety of your loved ones. Tree stumps can be unsightly and make your backyard look shabby. Our arborist team will assess your situation and work out the best way to get rid of the tree stump that will elevate the appeal of your landscaping. This will also make your home more presentable and help to boost its overall market value when you plan to sell the property. Our arborist and tree care team will also advise you on how you can use the yard space that was taken up the tree stump for new plants or other interesting landscaping features.

Protect your Home with the Best Tree Stump Removal Service

Tree stump removal will also help to protect your home from the tree roots. In some cases, the roots of the stump grow into the small gaps between the pipes and sewage lines, which can cause the pipes to burst, especially if they are already damaged a little. Besides, the tree roots can also soak up offshoot water from a leaking plumbing line and grow toward the sidewalk or the foundation of your home. This can turn out to be very dangerous eventually. That is why we offer an all-encompassing tree stump removal service, which includes digging up the roots of the tree stump as well.

Another problem caused by tree stumps is that they can pave the way for unwanted species and pests into your backyard as they start decaying. Beetles, carpenter ants, termites, and a lot of other wood-boring insects are usually found on tree stumps. Gradually, the infection can spread to the other healthy plants and trees in your garden. If the tree stump is too close to your home, then the insects can also find a way to affect the wooden frames or flooring in your house.


Tree Stump Removal Philadelphia

Tree stumps can also be a breeding space for fungi, which can be dangerous for your pets and kids playing in the backyard. That is why you should hire Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service at the earliest to get rid of the tree stump from your property. That will help to avoid the problems that could otherwise have resulted due to infected wood, decay, and mold. Note that even if you do not see any signs of decaying or pests infecting the tree stump, leaving it in your yard can be a cause of trips and falls, and lead to severe injuries. So get in touch with us today for a speedy tree stump removal service and make your property attractive and safe for everyone.

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