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Trees provide great benefits to commercial properties, be it in terms of adding natural beauty, improving the air quality, or increasing the property value. It is seen that commercial properties with trees are more likely to be sold quickly than those that do not have any trees. This means that planting trees near the commercial building can act as a profitable investment. However, this also means that you will need to take care of the trees properly and ensure that they look attractive and boost the value of your property. Without adequate care and maintenance, the trees in your commercial property can start growing in all the wrong directions and ruin the appeal of your landscape. Moreover, insufficient tree care can also lead to tree damages and pave the way for pest infestation. Northeast Philadelphia Tree Services can help you to avoid all such tree problems. We have been offering all-inclusive commercial tree services in and around Pennsylvania for many years. Our expert tree surgeon and arborist team know how to care for different tree varieties and ensure their better health. No matter whether you need us to take care of a small tree problem at the site or if it is a big industrial project, we will offer you the best solution for your requirements.

The Most Reliable Commercial Tree Services

We offer scheduled tree care and maintenance services for all kinds of commercial properties in Philadelphia. This includes apartments and high rises, government buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions, and more. Our preventative tree care measures make sure that your trees grow healthily and bloom to their maximum potential. That way, the trees in your property will not just add to the beauty of your landscaping, but it will also make sure that you will not have to pay for more intensive tree care services down the line. You can also contact us for one-time tree trimming and pruning services as needed.

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You can even call us for a quick tree checkup if you notice any signs of decaying or damages on the tree trunk. Our arborists and tree surgeons will do a complete tree assessment to see if the tree is dying and needs to be removed or if a little care and maintenance would work to revive its health. If the problem is severe, then our experts will suggest complete tree removal from the site so that it does not cause any damage to your commercial property. We will also help you with stump removal and clear off the roots of the tree from the site. This will help to prevent pests and fungi from infecting the stump and spreading across your property eventually.

We at Northeast Philadelphia Tree Services can also help you with lot clearing and tree removal services for your new building construction. Our experts will remove the trees and unwanted vegetation on the site and give you the needed space for the construction. We will also make sure that the ground is leveled after clearing off the trees from the plot. Get in touch with us today for your tree-related concerns and let us deal with them professionally.