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    Our team of tree surgeon and arborist has undergone extensive training to guarantee you the best standards of safety when taking care of your tree problem. We also have all the required licenses and leading industry certifications to provide the most appropriate tree care you need. Having years of experience and knowhow in dealing with all kinds of tree problems also allows us to keep the costs reasonable as we mitigate the risks. Our team can also offer tree structure assessment, tree inspection, shrub maintenance, and general tree care services as per your requirements. You can even call us for emergency tree removal service and storm damage cleanup.

    By hiring our tree company, you get to enjoy substantial savings in terms of time and money. The professionals at Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service are equipped with all the latest equipment and tools to take care of any scale of tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, or any other task. We ensure to follow all the safety standards while at your property to get the job done without posing any risk on your safety or causing any kind of damage to your property. We also complete the job in a timely manner and make certain that you are fully satisfied with our work.


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    If you are concerned about the dense roots weakening the foundation of your house or damaging your driveway, then you should consider regular tree care services. Hiring a professional tree company for tree pruning or tree removal will keep your property safe and protected from unwanted tree problems. Call Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service today if:

    • the tree does not bloom in the spring or grow new leaves
    • the tree is leaning towards your property, driveway, or road
    • the tree has visible cracks or holes in the trunk
    • the tree branches are decaying and dropping
    • the tree root system shows any signs of damage or decaying

    Trees can also cause foundational problems. We recommend trusted sources such as Waterproofing Homeadvisor or Philly Foundation Repair.

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    The cost of tree pruning and tree cutting depends upon a lot of factors like the type of the tree, your landscape, safety concerns and risks, time requirements, etc. In general, tree trimming or pruning can cost anywhere between $100 and $900. However, it will also depend upon the height of the tree and your specific requirements.

    Short tree species, which are below 30 feet, usually do not require heavy-duty tree trimming equipment. Sometimes, the job may not need even ladders. In such cases, the cost of cutting down the tree branches will be far less than what you may have to spend for trimming a 60-foot tall tree. It may even cost less than $100 depending upon the job complexity.

    Regular tree trimming will ensure that it looks well balanced and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your yard and landscaping. Without proper trimming, branches may start growing in strange directions and twigs may even creep into your house if the tree is too close to the structure. Tree trimming and pruning will address such issues and enhance the natural shape and appearance of the tree.

    Getting the tree trimmed is also important for the safety of the property and the inhabitants. Trees with decayed, dead, and infested branches can pose a significant risk of hazards, as they may fall and damage your property or injure you due to heavy winds or during a severe storm.

    The stump removal and stump grinding cost will vary depending upon many things, such as the location of the stump, its size, the landscaping, and other complexities related to the job. On average, the stump grinding cost can go anywhere from $50 to $400 or even more than that. Typically, the costs are calculated as per the diameter of the stump.

    While removing the stump all by yourself may look like a cheaper option, it will need renting specialized equipment and tools. Besides, stump removal needs practicing great caution and you may end up getting injured if you are not experienced with using the equipment. Hiring professional stump removal services is always the wiser decision.

    The choice to go with either stump removal or stump grinding depends upon what you are planning for your yard and landscape. Stump removal is an intrusive process and involves pulling up the remaining trunk and digging out the roots from the earth. This will take more time and require powerful tools and proper experience to get the job done effectively.

    Stump grinding is comparatively less taxing. It involves using a specialized machine to shred the stump into small woodchips. This can be more efficient than stump removal, but it will leave the roots of the trees unattended. Besides, grinding may not be always suitable for large stumps. Therefore, it will be better to consult with your tree removal service to figure out the best solution.

    Tree care and maintenance is a very complicated job and involves many risks of hazards. That is why tasks like tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding should never be handled by inexperienced persons. In fact, trying to do it yourself can even lead to property damage and injuries.

    A tree company will follow all the safety measures and precautions to complete the job efficiently without causing any damages to the property. That is why you should always hire a professional arborist no matter how easy the task seems. They will also have all the equipment required to take care of the job. Moreover, they will be well-versed with the state regulations on tree removal too.


    “Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service handled the tree removal quite efficiently which seemed very difficult and risky. The entire neighborhood saw how skillfully they took care of the job. I am sure everyone in our area will call Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service for their tree problems too.”
    Ellen Jordan
    “When I called Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service for tree removal service from the site where I am building my home, their team arrived at the site very quickly and completed the job in no time. Their stump grinding cost is also very reasonable, and I will surely call them if I come across any other tree problem.”
    Denise GibsonDewey McDonnell
    “I was looking for a tree service near me when I came across Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service. Their arborist answered all my queries quickly and offered a great solution for my tree growth problem. I recommend Northeast Philadelphia Tree Service to all who need tree pruning services.”
    Daisy Vickers

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    We are a fully licensed and insured tree company, and our team strives to deliver the best results to all of our clients. NortheastPhiladelphia Tree Service can deal with any kind of tree problem for residential and commercial properties regardless of the size of the job. Call us now for an estimate!

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